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Please click here to obtain office updates on Covid-19 and Telehealth visits.

Covid-19 Information and Updates

Coronavirus Update

We, at Lawrence J. Finkel, M.D., P.C. are currently monitoring the Coronavirus crisis very closely.   Our office will remain open at this time to continue patient care.  We are reducing the number of patients we see per hour.  We will continue to practice social distancing and keep our patients and staff healthy.

All patients coming into our office must wear a mask at all times.   Should we need to evaluate a lesion on your face, we will ask you to remove it.  Masks can include a homemade one from a bandana or scarf or one that you have been able to obtain.  We also ask that you do NOT wear gloves into our office.   They have been cross contaminated already.   Simple handwashing and the use of antibacterial hand gel will suffice.

In an effort to continue to keep both our patients and staff safe, we ask that if you have traveled outside of the United States in the last 4 weeks prior to your visit or are having symptoms of a cold or the flu (coughing, fever, shortness of breath), please call to reschedule your appointment. 

Additionally, we are only allowing the PATIENT in our building.  All others must remain in their vehicle unless the patient is a minor, then one (1) parent may accompany.

Please do not walk in our building without an appointment.   You may call to make an appointment for our next available time.

Medspa 360 is currently open!!!!!  Please call 540-347-SKIN (7546) and ask Heather (our esthetician and cosmetic coordinator) what she can do for you!  



We are  implementing our Telederm platform to continue to serve our ESTABLISHED patients need for appointments during this public health emergency. This program is not available for new patients. Our Physician's Assistant, Emily M. Miller, is available Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-4:00 to conduct your televisit.  You will be able to conduct an office visit real-time from your location with one of our providers to address your medical concerns and also to receive prescriptions and refills as necessary. (Contact us to discuss eligibility).  The link, Doxy.me, should be used with Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers and have a webcam available so we are able to see the patient and they can see us.

A televisit is a type of medical visit where the patient and doctor interact in real-time via videoconferencing technology. You, the patient, can have your skin complaint evaluated in the comfort of your own home, through one-on-one communication with your dermatologist through your smartphone or computer. 

Skin conditions that can be evaluated by a televisit are limited and may include:

  • rashes
  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea
  • hyperhidrosis
  • melasma
  • skin infections
  • certain skin lesions

Note: Not all skin conditions can be fully evaluated with a televisit. Your dermatologist may therefore recommend a follow-up visit and/or biopsy in the office at a future date. This does not mean that your televisit is wasted, as important and useful information can be gained with every encounter.


Dr. Finkel and his staff appreciate your understanding during this time of change.  We will continue to have an open line of communication with you as changes may occur often and we continue to follow federal and local government protocols.   

Be safe.

ASPDT: American Society for Photodynamic Therapy AAD: American Academy of Dermatology National Rosacea Society QA-DP: American Society of Dermatopathology American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Surgery